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Woori Electric Heat is a leading manufacturer of cartridge heaters in Korea.

Creation of new value through constant challenge
and innovation spirit growth

Woori Electric Heat, a leading domestic industrial heater manufacturer, has grown into a domestic and foreign exporter beyond Busan and Gyeongnam with 20 years of continuous growth and technological prowess since its establishment in 2000.

As a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing various industrial heaters, we are focusing on designing and manufacturing domestic and overseas certified heaters (explosion-proof heaters) as a long-term growth engine, and is a system focused on order production.

As for certification activities, we are developing to build a better industrial heater system through many certification works such as ISO 9001:2015 certification, electric heater safety certification, UL certification, and domestic explosion-proof certification. A department dedicated to research and development, and a smart factory construction project is in progress. In addition, based on our accumulated experience and technology, we are playing a part in the fields of mold heating and oil preheating, which are the foundations of the modern industry.

Based on better product quality and credit, we are working hard to satisfy the needs of consumers from construction to finishing with continuous quality improvement and prompt A/S.

To respond to global trends, we are preparing to develop into a global leading company representing not only Korea but also Asia by developing economical products through continuous research and continuous innovation on electric energy.

We ask for your interest and support so that Woori Electric Heath can grow into a leading company in the electric field.

Realization of corporate profits and customer satisfaction through trust
Securing transparency about corporate management and financial performance
Environmental management, ethical management, social contribution, and the pursuit of benefits for the entire society including workers and the local community at the same time
User Focus
Focusing on customer needs in product manufacturing and sales
Unremitting efforts for sustainable growth
Corporate growth at home and abroad through continuous new technology development
Quality Policy & Quality Goals
Woori Electric Heat Co., Ltd. sets the following quality goals to provide the best quality that customers can trust by establishing the ISO9001 system and practicing the quality management system.
Quality policy
  • 1. Realization of corporate profits and customer satisfaction by timely delivery of the highest quality products
  • 2. Maintaining a stable and efficient production system through continuous new product development
  • 3. Systematic management of quality through product monitoring and customer demand and complaint analysis
Quality goal
  • 3% or less of process defect rate through process standardization
  • No more than 3 customer complaints
  • 100% compliance with production plan
  • 3 tablets 5S level evaluation average of 80 points or more